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If you like older and very hairy men, then you'll love this furry daddy named Ray Andrews. He just popped up on Hot Older Male and this Ft. Lauderdale man must drive the gay boys crazy in that town. Well, maybe not - isn't Ft. Lauderdale still filled with party boys? What do they know? They'll figure out one day that a 54-year-old daddy has a lot to teach a twenty-something-year-old guy about having a good time in the sack. Maybe some of them already have.

Ray Andrews has just filmed a jerk-off video for Hot Older Male. He's a short man standing 5'6" - I called these guys "pocket bears" - and he's got a good-sized pair of nipples that he loves getting sucked. And this daddy is hairy everywhere - chest and belly, shoulders and back, and he's got a bushy set of pubes. His dick is sporting a plump cock head - I love those!

And I'm sure that Hot Older Male didn't fly this furry fucker all the way to San Francisco just to film a jack-off video, so I'm looking forward to seeing who he's going to end up playing with. But for now, you'll enjoy watching him sitting back in his chair, playing with his nipples and pumping that big-nobbed cock in his fist. Woof!

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