Big Cock

I want to know why the skinny guys have the biggest cocks. Have you ever noticed that? You'll be at the bathhouse, lying on your bed and waiting for Mr. Right Now to walk through the door. And you watch the parade of cock going by your door. Consistently, short guys and skinny guys have really big cocks. It's almost as if God is over compensating for gypping them in the stature or weight department. Too bad he didn't do the same thing for bald men, I'd be a very happy man. This is Chase and he's one of the latest guys to stop by You Love Jack and pick up his video camera. YLJ gives guys a video camera and sends them home to shoot their own jack off session in the privacy of their own home. And what a great idea -- real homemade porn. And these guys get to relax in their own environments without any strangers around holding lights and cameras. Besides having a very big cock, Chase has a nice set of low hanging bull balls between those skinny legs. And those big balls eventually pump out a nice load of cum all over his belly.

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