"Velvet Mafia - Dangerous Queer Fiction" is just about as appropriate a motto as could be coined for this amazing site.

These stories are incredible. Just about every kink you could conjure up inside your perverted, twisted mind can be found on these pages. I found some stories that came very close to bringing some of my own fantasies to life. And here I thought I had mental health problems! LOL. Seems I'm not alone. Hell, even the poetry will give you a hardon that'll be tough to get rid of (if you want to). If your first language is spanish, there are a few treats for you latin folks in the poetry section.

I don't want to give away too much about what is written at this site because it really will ruin it for you all. Suffice it to say that your experience at Velvet Mafia will take you to places that will entertain you to no end. Besides, velvet feels so nice on the skin, doesn't it?

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