Veiny Twinky Cock Veiny Twinky Cock

Rob Jackson is a bi curious twink with a secret weapon. What is it? His cock! It is one big piece of man meat. But piece de resistance is the veins on his cock. When erect those veins are not only prominent, but look ripped. As if all those veins are about to explode out of his skin. That is how huge those veins are.

While nice to look at, can this veiny cock perform? We'll soon find out as Rob begins to demo his dick. He rubs a healthy amount of spit on his cock to lube it up. He then begins to jacks off ever so slowly but sensually. Rubbing his cock up and down and back and forth over and over again. All the while putting more and more saliva on his dick to keep it nice and wet. For those who like cock shots, this video has tons of them. With the camera shooting extreme close-ups of this jack-off scene. Rob eventually shoots his load, and when he does it is huge. You have to see this cumshot for yourself, as it is sensational.

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