Varsity Men Hunk Vin Is Back!

It's been 5 long years since Vin was last seen in the Varsity Men studio. He was 23 then, and that would make him a fully grown man at 28 now. With age, comes the filling out of one's body. And Vin has kept active and pumping a little iron in the process. What's truly amazing is that his 9 inch monster cock actually looks bigger than it did when he was younger. We don't know if that's possible at all, but if it seems that way, why argue with it? As you can see, Varsity Men are very glad to have him back showing off his studliness once again. For if he doesn't represent all that they're about, I don't know you can. Wait until you see his cumshot! We all believe that's bigger as well now. He He.

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