Varsity Male

A picture speaks a thousand words they say, and at Varsity Male you have a thousand pictures speaking of men. All kinds of men: stunners, models, naked, shaved, young, older, you name it as long as it is an image that celebrates masculinity, or the male form, then they put it here. In fact that is all they do put here. Apart from a written intro of 40 words, just about everything else here is an image. These images come from all over the web; some have credits (Bel Ami, Randy Blue, other top-end providers), and they all link to their own page where you can get involved and enthusiastic by commenting on what you see. You're also able to social network the images you like the most with buttons and links, and the whole thing is very easy to navigate and use.

There are no blogroll or category lists, nothing like that messes up the neat pages, but there are two links to two other sites. One that celebrates the same kinds of men, only with their pants on, and one that links to some examples of hot guys from porn sites. These are also neatly laid out in a stylish way, just like the main site, and they give you some ideas of sites you might like to investigate further. I'd say that this photo blog site has got things just right with a nice design and a simple layout; it looks good, gives you quality pics and plenty of them to explore.

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