Varsity Male

Varsity Male is all of 6 months old now. However, what it does not achieve in longevity, it more than compensates for in quantity and in quality. Expressly self-described as a place to put pictures of "beautiful males", it achieves this is every single respect. And it has been very busy. There are nearly 1,000 great pictures of the hottest guys on the planet posted here. Scrolling through them is a study in true male beauty - the people choosing the pictures have a great feel for what they do and they take advantage of an enormous range of shots and men. There's nothing left out - it's full body awareness week inside these lustrous pages. Great-looking dicks and stud muffins who flash them at the camera are the order of the day. Simple, pretty, easy to navigate, this blog is a picture hoarder's wet dream. Pretty friggin' wild.

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