Veriko, "Scent Of A Man" is the full title of this busy photo-only site. And what a collection it is! Way down on the bottom of the pages - on the left - is a tiny bit of lettering entitled "INK", which is a door into an amazing realm of gorgeous, startling and sexy-as-shit tattooed men, all extremely well-photographed. From full body tats to facial zombie-like ones, to the most tasteful imaginable tats which beg you to get one of your own, Variko most definitely delivers on the body art fashion. Nor is this to say the pages and pages of hot pictures connected to the main page are not enough to entertain and delight the eye. It took me some screwing around to find the Tattoo stash, but I must admit it was a pleasure getting there, even before locating it. I really enjoy this site. The men are all delicious-looking in a very fashionable, soft-core way, posed for underwear/swimming trunk ads or else posed as themselves, pure and simple. We see excellent props, from chocolate coverings to inky stains and dirty bodies, all of which are pretty much what anyone wants to being home and entertain. After all, a guy can soap a friend up, can't he? This is a highly intriguing website. I loved it.

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