Rod Daily shows his ass

Trystan Bull, Nextdoor STudio's newest pornstar

Well, there is lots of good news to report today from the creamy white center of Next Door Studios Central. Not one but two of today's top porncakes - genuinely nice guy Rod Daily and Trystan Bull, Canada's answer to whatever it is that needs answering - have launched their respective websites and we were just given two more reasons to lose our jobs.

Next Door Studios, which has announced the launch of the sites, has successfully captured a reliable segment of the gay porn market, the part I like to call the "American" part of America. Prime Grade. Chevrolet and apple pie. Sit-Ins and Street Marches. But we digress. Both sites have, you know, video clips and, of course, the phenomenon that is Cody Cummings as a featured player in the ever-expanding Next Door Studios galaxy and a draw to drive traffic to what is certain to be two successful ventures for both Rod and Trystan.

So what do we learn about Rod on his site? Well, he's "Winter." Likes anything by Quentin Tarantino except casseroles and his Trout Almondine, his favorite holiday is MLK (which is completely righteous, btw, but how does he spend it interests me more) and loooves the Broncos.

Where Rod is the more 'All-American' football-and-beer type of guy, Trystan is portrayed more as the devilish Frat Boy type. (I mean, let's be honest, Trystan could be billed as the Garage-Mechanic-Turned-Serial-Child-Rapist "type" and the boy would still be 'sunspot' on the sexual intensity thermometer.) Trystan, we learn, likes Blue and Red and Halloween (not necessarily in that order), and his favorite actress is fellow Taurus Jessica Alba, star of the "The Eye," a story so shocking there's a field of corneas somewhere in Mexico scaring all the children! His lucky number is 13. Funny, mine too!

We wish both Rod Daily and Trystan Bull all the success that comes with being hot and willing to make the important sacrifices for that gay porn demands.

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