Most large cities across the planet have their own Gay Pride celebrations. Being that I am a gay man living in Vancouver BC Canada, it's rather nice that I get to touch on the festivities here, as well as this site. Having lived here for some 20 years, I can honestly say that our Gay Pride celebration is nothing short of a blast. Everywhere you look are half and fully naked hunks, people smiling and having fun, and some very talented folks entertaining all those who choose to partake in the party. Vancouver Pride Fun certainly captures these facts and moments in their extensive image galleries dating back as far 2001. The site itself is set up simply and all links are easily accessible from the front page. Our webmaster has obviously been quite involved with each Pride festivity, and leaves a comment for us about each year to get a better perspective on how things went down. From first hand experience, if you are in this part of the world when we are celebrating our trial and tribulations as gay folks, please be sure to check it all out and see that we are not without our ability to have a great time indeed.

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