Vadim Black Has A Forza Brother Fucking Each End - Or Does He? Vadim Black Has A Forza Brother Fucking Each End - Or Does He?

Forget about sharing a guy with your brother, would you even want your brother in the same room while you were having sex? No thanks. I once saw my brother jacking off and that's a memory that I still can't get out of my head all these years later. But porn does have a fascination with family members having naughty sex. Remember the Visconti Triplets? They're still around and just did a bareback gang bang over at Lucas Entertainment. And this week supposed brothers Johnny Forza and Donny Forza are tag-team fucking Vadim Black's ass over at Dallas Reeves.

I doubt that Donny and Johnny are bothers. (A while back I publicly asked here to see birth certificates, but never heard anything.) But porn is supposed to be about fantasy, right? So, we'll go with it.

While Johnny is take a nap, Vadim and Donny are in the shower and Donny is giving the cute stud a mouthful. When Vadim says that he wants a Forza cock in each end, the guys dry off and head to the bedroom to wake-up Johnny. With Vadim in the middle, the guys get into some threeway sucking. Then down on all fours, Vadim continues blowing Donny while Johnny fucks Vadim from behind and Donny gets his turn too. The brother fantasy doesn't do anything for me, but Johnny and Donny have a couple of nice dicks and watching Vadim take them both is enough for me.

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