Vadim Black Bottoms for Sergio Valen Vadim Black Bottoms for Sergio Valen

Sergio Valen and Vadim Black are two straight guys. But you wouldn't know it from seeing them on-screen in various gay porn films. While Sergio is a veteran of gay porn, Vadim is a newcomer. So who better than Sergio to show Vadim the ropes? Not wasting a minute Sergio goes down on Vadim, just to get him warmed up. Enjoying this great blowjob, Vadim returns the favor. Blowing Sergio the same style.

But now it is time to bottom for Sergio. Vadim should have prepared better, as his hole was unprepared for Sergio's huge curved cock. He screams in pain as Sergio enters his ass. Sergio tried to be gentle, thrusting his cock slowly but deeply. Vadim takes the pain in stride as Sergio begins to fuck him doggy-style. Picking up the pace, pumping faster and faster. All the while Vadim grimaces in pain, but enjoying the fuck. He loves the fuck so much that he cums all over himself. Which prompts Sergio to cum all over Vadim's ass. So will Vadim do more bottoming? You will have to keep checking Gay Demon to see when Vadim will bottom next!

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