After a three-month exclusive contract with porn site Dallas Reeves, Vadim Black is back home at Broke Straight Boys and dishing the dirt in a new 21-minute interview. Black talks about why he left Broke Straight Boys and why Dallas Reeves didn't pan out.

After shooting his first Broke Straight Boys video in January 2014, Vadim Black's popularity soared. He was on track to become the site's next huge star. Four months later, he left. Lured away by Dallas Reeves in April, Vadim Black followed in the footsteps of Johnny Forza, another Broke Straight Boys performer who headed for supposed greener Dallas Reeves pastures in November 2013.

So what happened? Like many porn performers, Black discovered the Internet is not a bubble. His mother quickly learned of his dabbling in gay porn at Broke Straight Boys through the many emails and pictures sent to her by "friends." Black says his mother asked him to leave home and this threw him into a tailspin.

Black talks about how Broke Straight Boys treated him like family, gave him money, and even let him live at the compound for a while. But with his private life in turmoil, he started lashing out and says he hurt a lot of people at BSB. Then the Dallas Reeves opportunity surfaced: "Instead of facing my problems, it seemed easier to go to another studio and start a clean page."


To be clear, Black never mentions Dallas Reeves by name in his interview, instead he calls them "the other studio." But once Black severed ties with Broke Straight Boys he says that his contract at "the other studio" didn't pan out. "I got promised a lot of things and stuff and I just left. I realized hows shady and crappy some studios can be."

But for all of Black's talking, he never really gets specific about the alleged lies and broken promises except to say: "I was never getting paid on time."

GayDemon reached out to Dallas Reeves in private tweets and by email for a comment about Vadim Black's claims and departure from the site. They have not replied.


Black says that he decided to return to Broke Straight Boys because they're professional. "I've been with the best," he says. "They're a very, very high standard studio."

But still, Black doesn't paint a positive picture of performing in porn. Referring to his family problems he says, "It's ruined my life and I had to change." He says that he didn't really think through his decision to perform in porn. "I was young and stupid and didn't think about the consequences," he says, adding, "It made me grow up a lot faster."

Black apologized to his fans saying "I'm truly sorry, they really had my back and I let them down." And he says he'll remain at Broke Straight Boys while he's going to school and he'll only leave them when he's ready to retire from porn for good.

Vadim Black has already begun filming again with Broke Straight Boys. His complete interview and his new hot-tub fuck with Tyler White are both available on the site.

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