US Male Corps

U.S. Male Corps is dedicated to men in uniform. From the U.S. Army and Marines to soldiers from Canada and Russia, this site has a very nice collection. The guys look like - and probably are - the real deal. Expect dog tags, fatigues, camo and military weapons here. And it's not just guys getting nekkid and jerking off, either. There's behind the scenes stuff showing soldiers working out, swimming, relaxing and doing what they do when they're neither on patrol nor posing for a porn camera. In addition to the military men, there are also two more collections - one of workers like mechanics and handymen, the other is athletes like guys into martial arts and soccer players. All the military men of U.S. Male Corps look very regulation, and none of the dudes here look like models or porn actors - they look exactly like what they are supposed to be. And that's what makes U.S. Male Corps stand out!

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