What is it about a urinal that turns people on so much? Then again, what is it about a place where you release your urine that turns some people off? It's one of those things that is a complete mystery in my opinion. And in fact, who cares? Personally, I've always been intrigued by them and in particular, the act of urinating. Urinal.net offers pictures of urinals from all over the world. Some are really old, while some are familiar looking. Some are clean, and well, some look as though they've been used. A lot! Someone did a ton of research to put this very easy to navigate site together, because there's actually a map of all the public urinals and washrooms in the US and the world. I don't know if they got them all, but I would say they're pretty damn close by the looks of it. For those who harbour that hardcore pee and utility fetish, this site will give you an erection upon entrance. It did for me. Call us warped, call us sick, but we know what we like and this site fucking rocks for all those into pee!

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