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Unzipped.net is the title of a diverse site - originally a literal magazine in print, "Unzipped" - which also contains a portal to a pay site, obviously run by the like-minded adults. Two of its categories, including the basic site and the "Below The Belt" site from the original menu are run much the same as blogs. "Below The Belt" features short posts dealing with specific people or films often with accompanying videos. Great pictures and hot-looking gay men, of course, are the fare we speak of. On the front page of Unzipped.net, the "blog format" takes a slightly different - more intellectual and diverse direction, sometimes talking politics, sometimes sex, sometimes even women. The diversity, of course, rotates around gay issues in particular, and often times politics. Both sections are highly entertaining, for that matter, although the real flesh and blood is found in the "Below The Belt" section. "Unzipped", as mentioned, has a print edition as well as this site, which, of course, preceded the site we are looking at here. Long-known as a sexy, provocative and delicious destination for the eyes and mind, it keeps the faith with its Internet edition very well indeed.

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