universal bear

We're always hunting for new gay porn, but sometimes the hottest places to find hairy men aren't new at all. Take Universal Bear, for example. This site has been around since 2003 and the site owner's been pumping out galleries packed with masculine men and gay bears ever since. The site owner started this hairy man site out of frustration at not being able to find the kinds of men that turned him on. Since then, Universal Bear has racked up over 300 galleries packed with photos and videos, and it's really worth a look.

Universal Bear is a part of the MANcheck network. And MANcheck is another old soul in the gay porn arena. They were actually one of the first places to serve up gay porn online to the horny hoards that were exploring this new thing called the Internet. MANcheck's been around for thirteen years I think, so the mind ogles at the mountains of gay porn they have over there.

MANcheck has a huge library of DVDs for members to watch, but they also have a lot of independent webmasters, like this Universal Bear guy, who keep the coffers stocked with hot naked men and sweaty sex. And MANcheck's also one of the better deals out there. It costs $19.95 to get a whole year's worth of access to thousands of sites and videos, and their premium section is packed with more videos, live sex shows, chat rooms, and cam shows. If you're looking for something new in hairy man porn, check out Universal Bear, this site will kick off your next year of porn viewing in a very hot and hairy way.

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