Undie Fan Gallery

The Undie Fan Gallery is so simple it's genius. On the one hand you've got a site that's a blog with shopping links, so if you want to find the latest in sexy underwear then you can. The site also carries all kinds of news and advertisements for underwear and it concentrates on male fashion. And you know what that means: lots of pictures of hot male models in all kinds of undies. Fab! But on the other hand it also has a gallery, so you can use it as a resource for finding things to wear, or as a place to go to simply have an ogle at some totally horny shots. I should also add that we're not just talking the standard Y Front or briefs here; you're going to find fetish wear, as well. You're able to 'like' images, blow them up to full size, save them, and the page comes with a 'load more' button. I mean, it's like paradise for underwear fetish fans and shopaholics alike - what more could a boy want?

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