Underwear Model Takes Second Place on Big Brother 16

It's been a looooong season of Big Brother this year. Maybe it was the unnecessary addition of the Battle of the Block, the lame antics of Team America or just the lack of anyone to really root for in a house full of Fruit Loop dinguses. But the 16th edition of the American version of the hit CBS show finally came to a close last night. And while openly gay contestant Frankie Grande (brother of budding pop diva Ariana) was sent packing last week, someone even cuter (and with way more homo appeal) came in second place.

That's right, underwear model Cody Calafiore, who we introduced you to here last June, managed to make it to the final two. Following a duel to the death with fellow "hitman" Derrick (or "Pig Face" as he is lovingly known to us), Cody walked away with $50,000 for a summer of hard labor spent hanging out in a house. It's doubtful that his previous career modeling banana hammocks for C-IN2 paid better, but now that Calafiore's had three months of massive TV exposure looking adorable while lolling around shirtless, who knows what lies ahead for the Italian stud from New Jersey. Andrew Christian, are you listening!?

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