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Riley is sitting back on the couch watching some bareback porn and jerking his cock. His blond buddy Landon walks and catches him. He stands in the doorway and watches for a couple of minutes before approaching the couch. There's nothing like the real thing, so Landon leans in and plants a kiss on his friend.

When Riley throws his legs in the air, it's pretty clear what he wants. Landon mounts the boy and slides his hard, uncut cock into Riley's hungry hole. And the bottom must be pretty horny because Landon's dick doesn't have to fight too hard to get deep inside.

The guys bareback fuck in a number of positions, but end up where they started with Riley on his back. Landon wraps his fist around Riley's foreskin stiffy and jacks him off. Riley's meat soon explodes and he shoots jizz in Landon's hand. The blond uses his buddy's spunk as lube and stuffs his cum-covered cock back inside the boy's ass. After a couple minutes, Landon can't help it and pulls out and nuts all over Riley's butt hole and balls.

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