Uncut Spanish Guy

Toby is an uncut Spanish guy who is making his second appearance on UK Naked Men. You might be wondering why a Spanish guy is featured on a site packed with hot British guys. Well, whenever the owners of the site take a vacation, they bring a little souvenir back for us. UK Naked Men loves spending time in Spain, and I, for one, am glad because I love Spanish and Latino Men. Italian men are quite hot, too, but UK Naked Men hasn't made it to Italy yet. And Toby is the perfect little package to bring back from the bustling city of Madrid. Toby is 25 years old and weighs in at 130 pounds. He's appeared on UK Naked Men before in a sailor's outfit. And since then, Toby's chest hair has filled in a lot more, and he's gotten himself some new tattoos. Toby has a lovely hairy belly and his legs are also quite hairy. He looks hot naked, but I'm betting in a way he looks a lot hotter in a Speedo. Can you imagine watching this stud running around the beach with sand caked up and down his hairy legs? And Toby has the most perfect small cock - uncut, and just big enough to fit in your mouth. I love nothing more than sliding a small cock into my mouth and feeling it grow until the guy's sensitive cock head starts hitting the back of my throat. Toby's got a gallery packed with pictures, so come and watch him jack his foreskinned cock.



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