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Casey is a 23-year-old Southern stud who flew to San Diego for a vacation and for a little booty hunting. But a friend suggested that he contact Spunkworthy, an amateur straight guys site, and earn a little cash to stretch that vacation further.

Casey is still boyishly innocent looking, a nice guy a girl would take home to meet her mother. But when he strips and his big, uncut cock pops out, there's a whole other side to this Southern stud. And he wasn't shy in front of the camera - maybe he's done this before.

I love Casey's uncut dick. I particularly love the picture where he's kneeling on the sofa, showing off his hairy butt crack, and his foreskinned cock is flopped backwards across the leather. There's another great shot where Casey pulls all his foreskin up over his hard cock and it's oozing with precum. Yum! For this jerk-off session, Casey saved his load for a couple of days, he wanted to really bust a good nut for us. And he doesn't disappoint. By the time Casey shoots his load, he's covered in sweat and his jizz flies everywhere! This guy is definitely Spunkworthy!

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