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There just aren't enough redheads getting naked in gay porn. Kennedy Carter is a blazing red flame in a sea of blonds and brunettes. UK Naked Men caught up with him in the workout room. But one look at this redhead and you know he's a heap of trouble. Kennedy strips off his tight tank top and reveals a lot of tattoo work on his torso. He's got a bird flying on each pec, a star on his arm, and "Wear your scars as medals" scrolling across his tight and smooth stomach. Kennedy is wearing a tight pair of white shorts and I'm dying to see what's underneath them, but he's a tease and slides off his athletic socks first. Then he turns away and slides his tight shorts down revealing a peachy ass. It hasn't seen more than a couple of minutes of sun in its life and fair, blond hair glistens in the studio light. Down to his jockstrap, Kennedy finally turns around and there it is - a bright red, burning bush of fur above his stiff, uncut cock. Kennedy tugs on his foreskin and this just gets his dick even harder. I'm looking forward to watching this sexy redhead getting into some serious stroking.

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