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I love most of the guys who appear on UK Naked Men, but every few updates, they throw up a man that really makes my heart go pitter patter. Jorge is a muscular hunk and he's just about as close to my fantasy man as a guy can get. He's not bald, but he keeps his head shaved close. His soulful, brown eyes really draw you in. He's looking extra sexy with a few day's of face scruff and he's got full, kissable lips. And just for a little extra something, he's wearing a tiny stud through the soft skin beneath is lower lip. Jorge is massively built with huge, sculpted shoulders, bulging arms, and plump, chiseled pecs. And I'm really interested when he slides out of his jeans. He's packing a delicious uncut cock -- not too big and certainly not too small. Sheathed in tight foreskin, he smears some precum around his piss slit with his finger. And when Jorge turns around, I'm even more turned on by him when I see his big, beefy ass. What a hot muscle hunk!

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