Uncut Latino Cock

The more Latino men I see, the more I figure out that I have a real fetish for them. I have always liked olive skin men. I have never had much of thing for blondes, unless they're Germans. But a dark-haired, olive or light-brown skinned man will always turn my head. Italians, Greeks, Spaniards, Portuguese, and Latino men always get my attention. This is Chris and he's a Latino import on UK Naked Men. Not really an import in the sense that he's living in Britain, but the UK Naked Men photographer discovered him on a recent trip to Spain and "brought" him back for us. He a 22-year-old standing 6 feet and he's got a whopper of an uncut cock - 8.5 inches, juicy and fat. And I love it when a man is both a grower and a shower. Chris definitely has a nice piece hanging soft between his legs. But when it gets hard, it's a strongly-erect, fat fucking piece of meat. Just open up your mouth and let him beat your tongue - fuck, that would be hot! Chris is cute and doesn't like to shave every day, so he's sporting some face scruff, along with a patch of hair on his chest. And wait until you see if ass - it's beautiful.

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