This yummy piece of uncut man meat is Daniel's cock. Daniel is a 19 year old Puerto Rican with a bad attitude. He's bisexual and says he loves sex, but he had never thought of doing a porn shoot before he was approached by the guys from Miami Boyz and asked if he would consider jacking off for their website. Well, he had to think about it for a minute, but he must have figured it was a way to make some quick cash - either that or he was turned on by the idea of stroking his dick in front of strangers.

Daniel's a guy with a bad attitude, and that can be very hot. He's also got a very nice body, lean with lightly muscled abs and pecs and trimmed pubes.


And get a load of that sweat ass! I like the tats but that butt is just the way I like 'em - rounded, supple, and not too big. These are ass cheeks you wish you could reach out and squeeze!


Once Daniel was comfortable, he lay down on the bed, grabbed his cock and got to work on it. You could tell when he forgot all about the camera - Daniel is just seconds away from busting his load all over!


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