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When I first saw Ivo, my Eastern European alarm sounded. I have a fetish for Slavic guys and I can generally spot them. I can't tell you exactly how I know, I can just tell by the look of them -- it's a combination of facial structure and their eyes. And indeed, Ivo was visiting London, on vacation from Croatia, when he stumbled into the UK Naked Men guys. He was eager to take off his clothes and pose naked for the fans of the British gay porn site. While the site largely features English men, UK Naked Men exposes us to men from all over Europe, so this sexy Croatian guy is right at home. Ivo is a good-looking bugger and in perfect shape. Wearing stubble on his face and a small piercing in his tongue, Ivo has an irresistible smile. But I'm really anxious to get him stripped and showing off that uncut cock of his. And when he finally peels off his underwear, it was worth waiting for -- a delicious, meaty cock, sheathed in foreskin except for the tip, which is already oozing precum. A few strokes and his cock more than doubles in length and thickens up nicely. Ivo is completely naked in a garden and he really enjoys being nude outdoors. You're going to love this sexy guy.

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