Uncut Cock

Danny's a beautiful British guy. He's got those model good looks. The first thing that struck me about Danny was his lips. I love kissing, so a man's lips are one of the first things that I notice. And Danny's got full, pouty, kissable lips. The kind of lips you want to spend a long time getting to know. Danny's got a beautiful body, too - lean and firm, and thankfully, he doesn't shave. He puts his hands behind his head and shows of his hairy armpits - light brown hair and they make you want to nuzzle and take in his musky smell. And Danny's got a gorgeous uncut cock as well. It's meaty and thick; you'd want to swallow the whole thing and massage it with the back of your throat, feeling it grow inside of your hungry mouth. I don't get to suck a lot of uncut cock, so when I do, I love lingering on a man's foreskin - sucking it, chewing it, sliding my tongue under it. Uncut guys seem to like it, too. Danny pumps his cock with both hands, taking breaks here and there to massage his butt hole. And wait until you see how big his cock gets.

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