Thick Uncut Cock

This is Matt, one of the latest guys over at UK Naked Men. He really caught my eye when I first saw him on the site. He's got an exotic combination of brown hair, hazel eyes, and darker Mediterranean skin that I just find a big turn-on. And since UK Naked Men has been in Spain recently, I'm wondering if this is another one of their vacation finds. Matt is featured in a outdoor nude photo shoot where he gives us a good look at his tight and lean body. He's smooth and well-defined. He's sporting a belly-button piercing and a couple of tattoos on either side of his navel. And then, there's that beautiful uncut cock of his - 8.5 inches, his bio says, and it's fairly thick, too. Even when he's soft he's got a beautiful dick - it arcs downwards, resting on his shaved balls, and half of his cock head is exposed from beneath his foreskin. Aside from his shaved balls, Matt also likes to keep his fuck hole shaved smooth, and that's just all the more delicious.

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