utranow is one of those blogs which are highly personal yet we are glad they are that way. The author has some splendid takes on events and people as well as an ironic and humorous viewpoint on vanity and pomposity as well. Make no mistake - this is a blog about extremely gorgeous men. ultranow blends posts with pictures and links to sponsored websites like Perfect Guyz or Male Perfection and mixes them with interesting and relevant other sources such as the news. For example, there is the recent outing gossip dealing with the latest character from the M.A.S.H, TV series and more on Bea Arthur, both of which deal with lives lived inside the gay community, sometimes very quietly. I appreciated the stylishness of the entire site - it is glossy without being overbearing and it is also one of those sites you plain don't want to miss for fear you'll lose out on news or some fetching model you are typically glad you came for and would not have encountered had you not dropped by. It has very entertaining qualities and it is written well enough to pique anyone's curiosity. The pictures are almost gravy, but then, who doesn't like gravy??

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