For all you gay gamers out there, someone has finally invented a gay video game. Available now for iPhone, Android and Windows phones, Ultimate Gay Fighter is the creation of Michael Patrick, who says that the project "began as a joke between my friends and me while we were drinking at brunch." The buds talked about reenacting the fighting games they played as kids but wanted to "insert gays as the characters, with moves that suited their specific lifestyles and interests."

And so UGF was born, a video game featuring 10 distinct LGBT "fighters," including GoGo Gary, who is all about working out, tanning and fighting; and Timmy Spears, an Asian twink with an affinity for Britney, his dog Paris and lip gloss. There's also Carrie Cupcake, a large and in-charge drag queen who beats opponents with her wig and feather boa. These fierce queens fend off villains like Anne Paylin, who harpoons homos with an American flag. Yassssss, take down that Paylin bitch! Patrick calls the game his "love letter to my gay family. You can be queeny, you can be butch or you can be in-between," he says. "You can be any or all the colors in the rainbow flag. But no matter what color, we are fighters. We are warriors." For more information, visit UltimateGayFighter.com.


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