UK Men wash their bed sheets 4X a year

A mattress company from the UK just completed a survey asking Britons about their bedding hygiene. The results are a bit surprising as single guys apparently only wash their sheets 4 times a year. These men, between the ages of 18 to 25, reportedly only clean their sheets every 3.1 months. Of those men 49 percent said washing sheets every 4 months was an acceptable practice. 19 percent said they weren't concerned about the infrequency of cleaning the bedding. However 17 percent said that dirty bed sheets did put a dent in their love life.

Thinking about all those guys you may invite to sleep over (or vice-versa) wouldn't you be a bit concerned about the cleanliness? If you have an active sex life, you should be washing the bedding more than 4 times a year. Changing them weekly is the norm. Though some guys clean their sheets every two weeks.

Here are some tips if you are a novice at cleaning your sheets. Trust me, your trick will be grateful. Change and clean your sheets every week. Bi-monthly is the absolute minimum. Use hot water and bleach for cleaning. If you have someone sleeping over, and you are both nude, trace amounts of feces do deposit onto the sheets. You will actually need two sets of sheets. One fitted sheet covering the mattress, and a second sheet covering that sheet. Which is known as the flat sheet. Sometimes if you are having wild sex the sheets can rip off the bed, exposing just the mattress. By having this double protection, you won't run into that problem. Also invest in more than one set of sheets. Who knows what type of accident you may encounter during a sexual interlude.

Cleaning your pillowcases frequently is just as important. Grease and oil from your body and hair land on your pillowcases, thus causing pimples. If someone stays over, the above-mentioned oils will transfer on to your pillowcases. In addition buy pillow protectors as they keep the dust mites away. You may get attached to your pillows, but buying new ones every few years will definitely go a long way. Finally don't forget to clean your comforters, when you clean the sheets.

All these tips will not only help you sleep and feel better, but will make that sexual experience a whole lot nicer!

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