20 year old Kai from English Lads works for a butcher so he knows a good piece of meat when he sees one. He's heard a lot about Matt's endowment and can't wait to get to it. Matt's a little more reserved - he still says he's straight - but he's also horny and seems to like cock a lot more than your average straight lad. The two of them explore each other through their pants before they get down to business!

Even though Kai seemed more eager, Matt can't wait to see what Kai's packing and reaches into his briefs to see what he gets to play with.


Matt likes what he sees and once Kai is naked, Matt goes down on him, letting Kai's cock fill his mouth and giving that horny lad a good, hard sucking.


Once both Matt and Kai are horny as hell and ready to fuck, Matt slides his cock deep into Kai's tight hole and gets ready to give that hot ass a rigorous pounding. Looks like the guys from English Lads put the right twinks together for this shoot!


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