21-year-old Nathan is amateur, British, and black. He is from Birmingham with a sexy accent, dark skin, and an uncut black cock. Nathan has a boyfriend but sometimes he needs to get away and have a little adventure. And that's what brought him to Blake Mason. Blake Mason hooked Nathan up with Jack, and if there's one thing Jack has, it's a powerful libido that just doesn't quit - he's horny 24/7. He loves to fuck hard and fast, after some very intense foreplay including sucking and licking, getting fucked hard was just what Nathan needed.

Jack was definitely the aggressive one. In minutes, he had Nathan on his back on the bed and was kissing him for all they were worth. You can see how much they were both loving it!


Then Jack grabbed Avon's dark pole, and started to suck it. First he took it in his mouth and then the entire thing. Soon all Nathan could think about was getting his hole filled!


Nathan lowerered himself onto Jack's rock hard rod and rode it for all he was worth. You can see just how much he loves having his black ass filled by Jack's massive dick!


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