Do  you give porn a bad name?

Oh, the gay porn world - it can be a pretty tough one. If you don't play your cards right things could turn into sour spunk very quickly and pretty soon no one will be knocking on your backdoor.

Recently there was one particular porn dude that has been getting a lot of bad press from fellow porn studs, and it was none other than perfectly manicured Topher DiMaggio. He has worked with and

Last December, porn stud Austin Wilde gave Topher the "worst personality" award in his Wilde Awards II and all of the sudden other porn fellas were quick to comment on Topher's supposed funky attitude. Cameron Adams tweeted: "Topher DiMaggio is a fucktard!!! He may seem pretty but his razor sharp over-tweezed eyebrows can cut through diamonds! Bye!" MEEEOW! That one's gotta hurt!

Then Devon Hunter tweeted: "I didn't like working with him. He's a douche." Double ouch! It seems as though not many peeps that he's worked with have got any love for the fella, and it seems as though he's been keeping quiet on his negative rep in the biz. With all the bad press hopefully this hunky dude can set things clear and answer back cos there is no denying one thing: He's fucking hot as hell!

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