Tyler Wolf Pumping Ass Instead Of Iron Tyler Wolf Pumping Ass Instead Of Iron

Tyler Wolf is a dancer, escort and gay porn star. All these professions have one thing in common. Tyler uses his body to make a living. As such he must keep his physique in tiptop shape. Which has garnered him many admirers including newcomer Justin Cruise.

Not only does Justin find Tyler hot, but he would also love to follow in his footsteps. By marketing his own body for hire. So what is Tyler's secret? Staying in shape for one, and Tyler has offered to show Justin a few workout moves. But Justin has something else in mind. He sees this workout session as an excuse to see Tyler in the flesh, preferably unclothed.

During the workout the guys get a bit too close for comfort. Tyler suddenly pops a boner. Taking this as a sign, Justin decides to take opportunity of the situation. Pulling down Tyler's shorts reveals his huge cock. Ready to be serviced. Justin wastes no time in devouring this piece of man-meat. Tyler sure likes it as he moans in ecstasy.

Workout clothes soon come off, but not their sneakers. Tyler just LOVES to fuck wearing sneakers. No problem for Justin. He is just happy to get fucked by Tyler, with or without shoes. This is a different sort of workout as Tyler is pumping iron, but rather Justin's nice bubble butt!

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