After All These Years Who Is The Better Top? After All These Years Who Is The Better Top?

Have you ever hooked up with a former lover? Is the sky blue? We all have. Especially with a lover where both parties are inexperienced. This is what happened to Tyler and Dominic. They had gone out together when they were both new to the gay scene. Fumbling their way through making out, and not knowing what was what. Fast forward a few years, and both men are now much more mature. Plus very experienced in the bedroom. Having perfected their love making skills.

Dominic has excelled as a fantastic cock sucker. While Tyler has great technique when it comes to rimming. But both men want to know who is the better top after all these years? Tyler wins the coin toss and is up first. He pounds Dominic's ass hard. Fabulous topping technique. However Dominic is next to show off his pounding prowess. Tyler is flipped on his back and fucked with great enthusiasm. So which guy was the better top? You need to see the video for yourself to make that judgment.

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