amateur guy sucks his own cock

It never ceases to blow my mind whenever I see a guy lick or suck his own cock. I mean, how the hell can you not be impressed by that? You Love Jack presents their new, very well hung hottie, Tyler. Blessed with 9 inches of uncut man meat, this boy sure knows how to please himself. Having something that large to play with, it wouldn't be hard to develop a habit of self-sucking on a regular basis, I think. Tyler starts off hard pretty much from the beginning. His perfectly straight cock points toward the ceiling with a conveyance of incredible power. Like it could destroy anything in it's path, and it probably would! Tyler is quite lean as you can tell, so putting his legs right over his head in order to suck himself off doesn't seem too difficult for him. He managed to slip the entire head of his schlong into his mouth, too. Fuck me, that is so amazing. Now, keep in mind that Tyler shot this video himself while pulling off this astounding feat. So not only can Tyler suck his own dick, but he can multi-task. What a talented boy!

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