I know, I know, not another essay on up-and-coming Japanese artists living in France who utilize the 'Western' method?? Couldn't you just vomit? How early mid-decade was that! The thing is, this artist is Twotom, a Japanese illustrator who lives in France and paints erotically charged pictures with a distinctly Western sensibility (Did I see something from Alice in Wonderland just now?) and rewards his viewers with some deft touches.

Take what I'm now calling 'Illustration With Eunuch With Carrot In Ass.' You can clearly see the European touches in Twotom's Marquis de Sade-ish costumery and the European facial structure. I, on the other hand, choose to see the courtesan's bulge and the Eunuch's shapely behind. And while this doesn't necessarily make me an animal in a sexual freak show, it also doesn't confer upon me any special insights on Contemporary Japanese Art.

But for that, there's Masahiko:

"I can easily recognise whether it was drawn by an artist based in Europe or not because it inevitably has a strong European aesthetic. In my opinion, Twotom's work is refined, and has elegance and humor. I think that he will prosper if he expands his art projects into the Japanese market."


Take another example, what I'm now calling 'Illustration With Terrier Fetish.' In it, a string of Kubrick-esque dick/ball toys litter the floor of some Bohemian den of inequity where a man sporting a French poodle for a hat is being charmed with a woman in her own extrapolation of a terrier costume right out a chicks-who-like-donkeys flick. (Did I mention the men's candle holders?) It's just one more example of how even in an essay on something you know absolutely nothing about, you can still have something to say about men's penises.

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