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Corbin Fisher doesn't often let the freshmen play with one another. The new arrivals are usually paired up with seasoned alumni for their Corbin Fisher gay sex education. But both Elijah and Zeke are fairly new, in fact, Elijah got boned for the first time only two weeks ago. (Check out Are You Sure You Haven't Done This Before?) But in their short time with Corbin Fisher both guys have come to appreciate how good guy-on-guy sex feels. Zeke discovered parts of his ass that he didn't know he had and Elijah has had as much fun fucking a guy as all the girls he's fucked over the years. Elijah sucks Zeke's thick dick and in spite of his inexperience, he seems to get the hang of it pretty quickly. Zeke returns the favour. Then Elijah shows Zeke how good a tongue feels up his butt. (Straight guys always love a good rimjob, they so seldom get them from their girlfriends.) Elijah soon has Zeke bent over the armrest of a chair and starts inching his big cock inside Zeke puckered hole. Elijah likes to fuck hard and fast. Zeke strokes his dick while Elijah is fucking him, but at one point Zeke has to stop and hold onto the couch for balance -- that's how hard Elijah is pounding him. Zeke shoots his load first, and then, Elijah pulls out and covers his buddy with spunk!

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