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Josh West is one of my favorite masters over at Bound Gods. He's a handsome man with a solid body and a dick of fucking death - man, that thing is big. And he knows how to keep a slave in line. I guess that's why they gave him two slaves this week. This session is a live shoot (Bound Gods does them regularly) and everyone in the chat room is getting into calling the shots and making their suggestions on how Josh should handle these two slaves.

Leo Forte and Josh Slyman are the two slaves this week and they're competing for Josh West's load. The slave who pleases Master Josh the best gets to take his cum load. Members request the butterfly nipple clamps on Leo and Josh and the two slaves are stood face to face, then with the clamps attached to each of their nipples, these two slaves have to pull back until the clamps fly off. Their screams will have your balls tightening in your shorts.

The members have been requesting the metal cage for the last 10 live shows, so they finally bring it out. Little Josh is rigged up in the cage, gets electrified, and then has his ass fucked in the cage by Master Josh. Leo has been fucking around while the Master's attention in on Josh in the cage, so now Master Josh gives Leo a severe beating. Then both slaves squat on a Sybian vibrator and they jerk their cocks until they spew their loads all over the floor. And Leo is the lucky slave who gets Master Josh's load, the well-hung master sprays his hot load down Leo's throat. There's a pretty hot preview video over at Bound Gods, but turn your sound down because these slaves screaming could wake up the dead.

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