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I've really been enjoying the naked wrestling and fighting on Naked Kombat. And this week they're holding their first-ever tag team match. One of the scheduled fighters got sick, and instead of calling the match, a brave Spencer Reed decides to take on both Dustin Michaels and Karter James all by himself. Now that's what I call tag teaming! Spencer is no stranger to Naked Kombat, and he's older and more experienced than his two opponents, so this could be an interesting match. Dustin Michaels is a farmboy with some wrestling experience and Karter James is a competitive swimmer with no fighting experience. Will these two guys make Spencer Reed their bitch? You might think this match is uneven, given that Spencer Reed will be fighting both guys with no breaks; but Naked Kombat always has a way of surprising us. I'll let you watch this video preview and see how it turns out for yourself.

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