Two Newcomers Debut for Lucas Kazan Two Newcomers Debut for Lucas Kazan

Lucas Kazan has discovered two fresh-faced models, and it's hard to decide which promising newcomer is hotter! Both guys actually offer something special and unique. Fabio (left) is dubbed a "reluctant exhibitionist" by Ettore Tosi. But Fabio doesn't exactly seem shy once we get a glimpse of him sucking off the big-dicked director (and former gay porn star). "An oxymoron, perhaps," Ettore says, "but one that best encapsulates 24-year-old Fabio: eager to show off on camera, but not quite ready to check all his inhibitions at the door." The studio says that the bearded former hockey player from Turin, who is now a store clerk, is its most tattooed applicant ever. Smooth stud Gabriele (right) also has a tattoo (it's on his hip and says "Sexy," but we're not going to hold that against him). This 22-year-old Brazilian says in his interview that he likes doing "everything" in bed. Okay, but what's with the shaved armpits!? We just might hold that against him. For more information on both models, visit Lucas Kazan.

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