Seems we all live a hectic lifestyle, just trying to make ends meet, but are we sacrificing too much for that buck? I mean back in the day, when I was young and had more days ahead of me than behind me, when we talked about sex, it was about taking the night to get naked, to get involved with our partner.

Even for those casual affairs, it was generally not like it seems it is, today. Then you would still take pleasure in watching or helping, the other person get naked. They in turn, enjoyed helping you unbuckle the belt, and undo the pants. If not, well, they were usually watching your every movement, and you could see the excitement building.

Course there were one or two where you could see the boredom too, but that was rare, and yet today more and more people talk about the two minute drill, like they were playing football or something. I mean you hear it a lot these days, about well the commercial came on, so we fucked, finishing just in time to see the rest of the show.

Now I don't know, are commercial breaks taking longer, or are we taking less time for sex?

You know, it used to be where you never rented just one porn flick for a night, you got two or three, and not in case one was bad or anything, but because, well that was the plan for the night. To have some real sex. The videos were, well aids really, props if you will, to help set the mood, to help keep the flow of the night progressing. Yet today, the sex on the videos take longer than some guys do, and I wonder, what is it about sex that has made it become like fast food, undercooked and rather tasteless?

For me, I enjoy sitting on the couch, the other half leaning into my arms, the video starting up, then as the guys come on, as the clothes get taken off, the hands start moving. Our bodies nestle in closer, our bodies start warming up. Staring at the two studs sucking makes the hands move down, makes the zippers start to be pulled down, slowly. The hands move inside, and slow gentle caresses of the groin begin.

Sure, it can be done quickly, but why? I mean I rather enjoy the touch, the way the hand feels moving over a thick pole, feeling it grow, inch by inch. Why settle for the finished product when there is some really neat feelings to experience in getting to that stage?

Why the rush to orgasm? I mean each time I wind up shooting, I know it is good, because it never is within the first two minutes. Rarely is it even in the first hour, and let me say, the wife hates to shoot his load in that first hour of what we call, family time. Man he gets pissed, and when it happens, it rarely is the end either, because he wants more, to experience more, to feel more.

Yet today, if you believe half the bull, sex is a two minute, three minute task, rather than a pleasure. I know the stuff in videos are, well, standardized, but then again, they aren't there for educational purposes. Sex sites & videos are about helping build the mood, just as a nice loving caress or massage can be.

I don't know, but for me, I like to feel totally exhausted, totally drained at the end of sex. I want my whole body to be shaking, from the tremors and from the orgasm. I hate to feel, well, like it's done for the night. Maybe it is greed, or being selfish, but sex is something to savor, like a good aged bottle of wine. Now how can you do that in two minutes?

I'd rather miss a deadline, than scrimp on the time making out with the other half, and yet so many seem willing to just have that moment, during commercial breaks, as if trying to fit everything into the night. I mean where is the romance in that, and maybe there is the answer.

Maybe we have simply forgotten how good it feels to be romantic, to feel the body tremble as the fingers lightly touch the bare skin of someone we care deeply about? Maybe we need to take those two minutes, to put our mind into the moment, to let our emotions free, to just feel?

Just make sure the stove is off, because nothing puts a halt to a good bit of sex like dinner burning, smoke billowing out of the kitchen, and the smoke alarm shrieking.

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