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Martin Lorenzo and Chad Dylan has bother wrestled before on Naked Kombat, and they have both lost their one and only fighting matches. That means that they suffered the humiliation of having their opponents bone their asses on the mats. These two studs are not eager to repeat that scene.

Chad Dylan weigh in at 175 pounds and his bulging physique is built for power. He's good looking and he's hairy. His 8-inch cock is built for fucking and he plans to use it this match. New Yorker, Martin Lorenzo has been training since his last match and his body is in top form. He's lean and tight. He falls an inch shorter than his opponent's cock, but he's still eager to feel it drilling into Chad's beefy ass.

This match could go either way. In the jockstrap round, Chad gets the better of his opponent, pinning him to the mats under all his beefiness. And look at those big feet! But in the full nude wrestling round, a wiry Martin makes a come back and dominates his beefy opponent. But someone is going to get fucked ... who will it be?

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