Two muscle hunks suck and fuck

Equally hot and dressed in similar military print cargos teamed up with black tops. these two black haired hunks are quite a delight to look at. Next to one another, these sexy studs quickly get down on the floor and compare each others' bodies as they slowly remove their shirts. Both are well built with nicely defined muscles, sexy abs and even stronger arms - it was hard for them not to admire one another and measure the circumference of their arms. But admiration can get boring and with obvious chemistry in the air, they soon got to business. Turned on and eager to explore the sexiness with more than just eyes, passionate kisses were firing away.

The sofa seemed the most comfortable place to start the action as hands moved to each others' eager cocks already rock hard and ready to be used. But more teasing only got the sexual tension rising, and having nipples slowly licked and making them stiff while slowly going down south was an erotic foreplay for both of them. It didn't take long to wrap those hot lips around sizable dicks, orally satisfying each other, licking up and down the whole shaft before having it disappear deep into the mouth. While incredibly erotic, this only worked for so long. With one of them on all fours, the other muscle hunk took the position on his knees and slowly but surely penetrated the tight anal passage until the whole length was in. Deep pounding and rocking motions left both of them breathless before the switched the positions.

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