Gavin is an ex-New York cop, and back about twenty years, he used to be a bodybuilder. He's cocky and very masculine, and he's also straight. Until recently he never thought he'd let another guy touch him that way. So what is he doing here with not one but TWO of New York Straight Men's resident cock suckers? Well, Gavin's girlfriend said it would really turn her on to watch him get his cock sucked by another guy. She liked watching it so much the first time that she told Gavin she wanted to see it again.

Well, actually what she said is she'd like to watch him fuck another guy, but Gavin is sort of working up to that. So this is the second time he's had a gay blowjob.


And this ultra masculine straight dude is really getting into having two guys who can't wait to fill their mouths with his cock. Marco and Bobby take turns slurping on Gavin's hard rod.


Gavin is having a great time getting double-sucked - and his girlfriend loves every second as she watches his dick disappear into first one hungry mouth and then the other!


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