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Clayton and his buddy Gavin are spending some time indoors on a rainy afternoon; and Gavin is showing Clayton some martial arts moves. Clayton grows tired of being thrown to the floor time and again, so he suggests that they do something else, and he offers his buddy his cock.

This Dirty Tony video gets right to the sex, with Gavin sucking Clayton's cock, and by the looks of it, he's done this before. Then Gavin sits back on the ottoman and Clayton returns the favor, deep throating Gavin's huge, meaty dick. With his pole rock hard, Gavin bends Clayton over a bench and starts filling his butt hole. Gavin's got a very thick cock, so it's a bit tough going for Clayton for the first couple of minutes. It's a real pillow biter. But eventually Clayton's ass opens up and Gavin starts drilling him hard and deep.

Clayton wants a break, but Gavin isn't letting up, so Clayton takes matters into his own hands and with Gavin on his back, Clayton pushes his cock inside his buddy, saying, "It's a good pain". Gavin jerks his dick while Clayton pounds on his hole and it's not long before Gavin spews his load all over his chest. When he's done shooting his load, Gavin whispers, "Cum on my face". Who could refuse an offer like that? So Clayton unloads all over Gavin's face.

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