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Cameron Adams is one hot fucking stud. He's lean, ripped, and strong. And this is his first match on Naked Kombat. When it comes to sex, Cameron likes it rough and dirty. So he's going to try his damnest to win this match so he can fuck Gianni Luca's ass. Gianni is also having his first wrestling match at Naked Kombat. He's a couple of inches shorter than Cameron, but he almost matches him pound for pound. Gianni has wrestled for other companies and thinks this will be a walk in the park. Cameron's ass is his!

This is actually Cameron's second match, but his first match hasn't been posted on the site yet. But this gives Cameron a bit of an advantage because he already knows how these matches go. Gianni is stunned by the stamina required on the mats. And even if you're an experienced fighter, the bonus point maneuvers throw you for a loop. Pull your opponent's underwear over his head ... get a point; slap your fighter's ass ... get a point; grab the other guy's cock ... get a point. You can be a damned good fighter and still lose the match to bonus points, which Gianni did. In the end, Gianni goes down on his knees and Cameron fucks the last ounce of fight out of him. Gianni will have to return another time to try his luck in the ring, but for now, he's on the mats getting his ass pounded.

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