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In this scene, Corbin Fisher is trying something a little different. Normally, a guy-on-guy sex virgin is paired up with a more experienced guy, someone who has been down this road before and can show the first-timer the ropes. But in this video, we have two guys entirely new to all-male action. At the beginning of the video, when Corbin Fisher asked James how he felt about what he was going to do, he said, "Well... the Spartans used to do it!"

They guys were a bit apprehensive and nervous as they started kissing one another. Eventually blond-haired James takes the plunge and takes Nicholas' cock in to his mouth. The guys slowly start to relax and after a couple of minutes, Nicholas' cock is rock hard - I guess that means he's liking James' lip action. After Nicholas works on James' cock, the two virgins mingle their bodies in a 69 cocksucking session. Their moans let us know that they're really enjoying this. "You ready to get fucked?" Nicholas asks. "Oh, yes!" James breathes back!

James gets on his hands and knees, and Nicholas starts to slide his cock into James' hole. And James is quite tight because Nicholas has a hard time getting his dick past James' rosebud. Once he does get the tip in, he quickly slides the rest of his cock in to James, making him gasp. Nicholas fucks James with long, deep strokes and James' dick is hard the whole time! In one incredible scene, the two guys even lock eyes while Nicholas is fucking James deeper, really burying as much of his cock inside him as he can. They see how good they're making one another feel. With Nicholas pounding hard now, James furiously strokes his own cock and he starts to fire off a huge load. Nicholas then straddles James' chest and shoots a load all over his hard pecs. And I have to say, this is one of the hottest guy-on-guy fuck scenes I've seen out of Corbin Fisher in a long time.

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